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No matter the type of property you own in Memphis or the surrounding area, colored concrete can make it more eye-catching and enhance its beauty. The colors created don’t necessarily need to be bright or bold. Often, people choose subtle colors, such as those with a hint of peach or yellow. Before opting for colored concrete, it is essential to understand a few basic facts about it.

The Basics of Concrete Color

Colored concrete in Memphis is done with a pigment, typically either manufactured in a chemical plant (such as those by Sundek) or mined. These pigments can be found as granules, liquid, or powder, and because the pigment particles are smaller than those of the cement are, they coat it completely, changing the shade.

There are more color options today than ever. Our team is well versed in acid stains that produce a mottled effect by using water, acid, and metallic salts. We also have solvent- and water-based dyes available in addition to UV stable acrylic coatings, dry-shake color hardener, integral color, and water-based stain.

The Effects of Water and Gray Cement

The ratio of water to cement is the most important for determining the exact color of the concrete. The amount of water that is added to the mix of concrete will permanently change the shade. Larger quantities of water produce lighter-colored concrete. This is why it is important to always use the same proportions during the mixing process.

The other major influence on the final color is the shade of gray the cement is. Your concrete’s color will depend on the way the pigment mixes with the gray of the cement, typically resulting in an earthy, dark tone. Because the final color can vary based on the exact shade of gray you start with, consistency in mixing is crucial and best left to the experts, such as those at Surface Scapes.

Concrete patios in Memphis and the surrounding areas do not have to be boring and made of uniform off-white concrete. Whether you are looking to upgrade the patio at your home or business, the professionals at Surface Scapes can provide innovative methods of re-imagining the concrete surface. Attract attention with a stained concrete patio in a pretty shade or with surface designing.

Stained Concrete

Perhaps the simplest way to re-imagine concrete patios in Memphis is by changing the surface color. When most people think of concrete or cement, they picture the same white to gray color. We can add shades, hues, and colors to your existing concrete surface without replacing it. If you are planning on replacing or adding to the surface, then it is easier to add color, and our experts can tell you how a particular shade will look.

We have water-based stains offering many bright colors and little odor, and if you choose a UV stable version, they can be used outdoors. Acrylic coatings offer more durability and custom colorings. Surface Scapes also has concrete dyes that use small color particles to give concrete translucent colors. Acid stains are tricky, but the marble effect is worth it. In some cases, integral color is added to the mix to give a powerful color throughout. One of the most durable for outdoor use is a dry shake hardener, but it can only be used in wet concrete.

Decorative Overlays

Another way to re-imagine your patio is by adding a decorative overlay. This can be stained or colored concrete or more complex, such as an intricate pattern or design. A popular decorative overlay includes stamps to mimic brickwork. We are able to create a decorative overlay matching any pattern you want, given enough time to create the stamp or stamps necessary.


Even if you do not necessarily want to re-imagine or upgrade your Memphis concrete patio, our team can help it look new. This can be as simple as resurfacing in many cases, and the process will even out the current patio, giving it a fresh appearance.

Whether you own your business or are a homeowner, it can be tempting to take on certain projects yourself to save money. At first glance, it may seem like hiring a decorative concrete contractor in Memphis or the surrounding area will be more expensive than doing the job yourself. If you really consider it, hiring professionals will save you money. Between knowledge, systems training, and necessary supplies, it is cheaper to hire experts like ours at Surface Scapes from the start.

Cost of Tools and Materials

If you were to install decorative concrete yourself, you would first need to buy all of the necessary equipment. Some items, such as trowels, are cheap, while others, such as equipment to mix concrete thoroughly, are more expensive. In addition, a decorative concrete contractor in Memphis buys materials such as concrete mix in bulk, saving money. Working with a contractor allows you to pay a lower price for materials than you would get by buying it yourself. Finally, a contractor knows which materials are the best quality. It is worth it to pay for better materials that produce longer-lasting results, and only an experienced contractor knows which meet that description.

Installs Concrete Correctly

A decorative concrete contractor in Memphis knows exactly how to pour the concrete and mold it to create the design you want. If you attempt to do so yourself, you will likely take at least twice as much time, and may not even do the task correctly. If you make a mistake, you may end up having to hire a contractor to redo it. Our team of experts are qualified to work with Sundek products for the Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi areas. We can help with colored concrete, utilizing acid stains, concrete dye, acrylic coatings, water-based stain, integral color, and dry shake color hardener. Our team also utilizes various systems, such as concrete overlays and resurfacing.

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