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Whether you own your business or are a homeowner, it can be tempting to take on certain projects yourself to save money. At first glance, it may seem like hiring a decorative concrete contractor in Memphis or the surrounding area will be more expensive than doing the job yourself. If you really consider it, hiring professionals will save you money. Between knowledge, systems training, and necessary supplies, it is cheaper to hire experts like ours at Surface Scapes from the start.

Cost of Tools and Materials

If you were to install decorative concrete yourself, you would first need to buy all of the necessary equipment. Some items, such as trowels, are cheap, while others, such as equipment to mix concrete thoroughly, are more expensive. In addition, a decorative concrete contractor in Memphis buys materials such as concrete mix in bulk, saving money. Working with a contractor allows you to pay a lower price for materials than you would get by buying it yourself. Finally, a contractor knows which materials are the best quality. It is worth it to pay for better materials that produce longer-lasting results, and only an experienced contractor knows which meet that description.

Installs Concrete Correctly

A decorative concrete contractor in Memphis knows exactly how to pour the concrete and mold it to create the design you want. If you attempt to do so yourself, you will likely take at least twice as much time, and may not even do the task correctly. If you make a mistake, you may end up having to hire a contractor to redo it. Our team of experts are qualified to work with Sundek products for the Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi areas. We can help with colored concrete, utilizing acid stains, concrete dye, acrylic coatings, water-based stain, integral color, and dry shake color hardener. Our team also utilizes various systems, such as concrete overlays and resurfacing.

One of the simplest and most practical options for rejuvenating your Memphis pool surround and deck is to add a decorative concrete coating. These versatile coatings are available in every color and pattern imaginable, and when installed by Surface Scapes, they last for years. Adding an acrylic or decorative coating to your pool area increases its lifespan and makes it look new and can cover up minor cracks and other imperfections.

Add Durability and Lifespan

All of the decorative concrete coatings in Memphis and surrounding areas used by Surface Scapes are designed to last for a long time. The high-quality Sundek products provide a new protective layer on top of your existing pool deck; you will not need to replace the area for years to come. Best of all, if you decide to expand your pool surrounds in the future, it is easy to add new concrete that matches the decorative coating, especially when you select a well-known product, such as Sundek Sun Stone or Sundek Classic Texture, either of which our team can install for you.

Create a Custom Look

Some people want to rejuvenate their pool surrounds to add durability and make it look like new, while others do so to create a custom look. With various stamps and color options, it is easy to give the exact appearance you want. Working with high-quality colors from SunStain gives you dozens of shades to select from, each of which will last without fading, provided that it is cared for properly. You can also select various textures for the decorative concrete coatings, based on the application style. A hand-troweled finish will look different than a stamped concrete coating, which will appear different than a spray and knock-down finish. Have your Memphis contractor create custom stamps or vary the thickness of the coating depending on your personal preference.

Things to Consider

While adding any decorative concrete coating to your pool surround will rejuvenate it, our experienced professionals in the greater Tennessee area will ensure that you consider a few crucial factors. You should always opt for a slip-resistant surface, like Sundek Classic Texture for safety, and most coatings that Surface Scapes uses around pools are slip-resistant. You also want to consider heat sensitivity. The majority of decorative concrete coatings will be cooler to touch than standard concrete, but you should still try to select the color carefully as dark colors attract more heat.

Are you tired of looking at cracks and uneven concrete on your garage floor? Do you want to increase your home value with some simple, aesthetically pleasing repairs? Many improvements can boost not only the looks but also the value of your home. One of the best places to begin is concrete repairs to your garage floor.

While it may seem like doing the repairs yourself could save you money, this is often a short fix — if at all. Your garage floor may have spalling, pitting, or surface cracks. The right way to fix the damage is to leave it to professionals who specialize in concrete repair in Memphis.

Types of Damage and Concrete Repair

Some of the most common concrete problems and repairs in Memphis include:

Dusting is a term that applies to powder building up on top of a slab of hardened concrete, often found on garage floors. This is often due to the large amount of traffic this area of a home will see. Several things can contribute to dusting, such as cement mix that included too much water or not enough cement used on the surface. These issues can lead to a concrete surface that is too soft because curing did not take place. Curing is a process that protects concrete from moisture and various temperature ranges.

Spalling, or scaling, is another common concrete problem in Memphis that requires repair. When it is a minor issue, it will cause cosmetic problems. On a larger scale, it can cause damage to the structure or foundation. This problem is easy to spot because of the flaky, rough surface it creates. If this problem is not addressed quickly, it can cause large pieces of concrete to separate, creating serious damage to your home or garage.

Cracking is another unsightly problem. Cracks can range from minor, hairline fractures to large, problematic fissures. Many causes can contribute to these issues. Most concrete cracks need repair for cosmetic reasons, but some can cause larger problems to your Memphis home.

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