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Many people are well aware that their wooden decks, patios, sidings and fences will rot away with time and they need to apply properly sealants to keep their investment in tiptop condition. However, they do not realize that not only wooden or other less corrosion resistant materials need sealing, but their exposed outdoor concrete surfaces need maintenance as well.

Why You Should Seal Concrete?
If you are living in a house in Memphis and have installed a patio for instance thats comprised of concrete, then it is vital for you to take its maintenance seriously. We have all seen cracked, broken and spalled, chipped concrete basements, driveways, sidewalks and even walls in homes. Water is the main culprit here.

As moisture enters the cracks, fissures and voids in the concrete’s surface, the alternating cold and warm temperatures causes the water to contract and expand, hence ultimately destroying the internal bonding of the concrete material itself.

And this is not just the consequence of seeping water in its liquid or solid (ice) form. Even the moisture content in the air – known as humidity – can also adversely affect the concrete’s composition. In addition to hazardous forms of water, the concrete is also affected by oil, dirt, chemicals, grease and stains that can mar it.

Benefits of Sealing Concrete Surfaces
Now that we know what causes concrete surfaces to rot away and deteriorate, let us look at what benefits you can reap by sealing and coating concrete in Memphis:

Sealing concrete prevents accumulation of dirt and grease on the surface, and hinders penetration of chemicals, water, UV rays and other affecting elements.

Sealants make the concrete surface easier to clean and maintain.

They increase the durability and longevity of the concrete.

Unpleasant things like musty odors, spalling, crumbling, efflorescence, cracking, etc. are reduced.

Sealants penetrate deep inside the surface and fortify the corrosion resistance even more.

Apart from protecting the surface, they even bring out the true colors of your decorative concrete surfaces.

The concrete found in an outdoor living space around a Memphis home is an investment, and keeping its beauty intact is necessary. Maintaining your decorative concrete is as simple as making a call to SurfaceScapes, the experts in concrete coatings and repair in Memphis and surrounding areas.  With a variety of solutions for the many different concrete issues that may face you today SurfaceScapes can provide minor maintenance like applying a clear sealant, to major renovations that could include complete concrete overhauls and decorative concrete coating applications for both residential and commercial projects.  I little bit of maintenance goes a long way towards the longevity of your concrete.

Concrete is one of the most popular types of hard surface materials around homes and businesses and there’s little reason to suggest otherwise. That said maintenance of your concrete is usually easier said than done. Over time, your concrete can start to show cracks spalling, pitting and damage.  However, the beauty of concrete allows you to fix it when it becomes unsightly.  If your concrete in Memphis looks salvageable it probably is.  Here is a overview and some general rules of thumb when fixing spalled, cracked and pitted exterior concrete surfaces.

Fixing Concrete starts with removing all the dirt and debris from the concrete surface using a brush. For exterior concrete surfaces, pluck out all the weeds growing in the cracks and around the edges of the surface.
Pressure wash the surface, and scrub them thoroughly using a mild detergent so that the area is perfectly clean and ready for repair.
If you will be fixing cracks, prepare the cracks by grinding and opening the cracks to allow the material to better penetrate and get a better bond to the damaged area.

Apply the concrete patch or epoxy solution that you are using to fill the cracks. Once the desired amount of crack repair product  on the cracked surface is evenly applied use a scraper or trowel to smooth it out.  With the flat and blunt edges, you can scrape off and seam any uneven application.  If you have any left over material  use the remaining mixture to fill deep voids or apply on the edges and boundaries if they are uneven.
Once the cracks have been addressed and the deep pits or chips filled.  Let dry or cure.
If the look of the repairs are not to your satisfaction you may consider a thin resurfacing material to even out and create a consistent look and finish.

For detail on resurfacing options visit Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing

What is the right price to pay for concrete finishes?

We all want a great deal. That being said, what can you expect to get when paying way less upfront for concrete services?  Decorative concrete is no different than any other consumer materials and often times you do get what you pay for.  As you may or may not know all concrete is not the same!

Having been in the decorative concrete industry for years we have witnessed first hand the trials and tribulations of bad installations and cheap concrete finishes.   Whenever we loose out a project to a low bid we wonder, what did they miss or what are they leaving out?  Is it the protection of the walls and equipment from  splatter and spray?  or is it the Warranty on the work performed if something does go wrong?  There are many ways to cut corners and add to the bottom line in decorative concrete, so we wanted to share a few of these not so honorable techniques that some other concrete companies use to get your business at a low concrete price.

Insurance, Workers Compensation, Certified Training:  
Although these might not seem like an all important factor when you are simply looking for a new patio surface, These items cost money and are in place to protect YOU! If something were to happen on your property that injured a worker that was not insured, how much could that cost you or raise your insurance after the claim?

Diluted Products:
Concrete coatings, sealers, and materials that are not from an approved and trusted supplier and not blended as per manufacturers directions can often be diluted and ‘cut’ with cheap fillers like sand or water to make them go further.  This does add to the bottom line of the installers profit but makes for less than an ideal finish.

Not applying enough material:
Especially during the top coats and sealer of the project not applying enough material to last long will cause early decay and early signs of wear and tear.  Making for premature maintenance and added costs.  This is often the case when the company you are dealing with is a small operation that can easily change their phone number and get back into business as another company.

Skipped steps:
When applying decorative concrete products it is critical that each and every step of the process is done and done right.  As an example if you were to not do the right surface preparation initially, you will most likely experience costly de-lamination and de-bonding problems down the road.

How strong is the Warranty going to be when there is little to no profit left in the job to allow for touch ups and remedial fixes if things go wrong.  As is with many small fly by night businesses we often tell clients they provide a tail light Warranty: “when their vehicles’ taillights disappear over the horizon the Warranty is void.

At the end of the day, we all need to make a little money and sleep at night knowing we have done our very best.  Let us prove to you that we are not always the most expensive but we are by far the best at what we do.  You will also feel good about having dealt with SurfaceScapes on your next concrete repair or beautification project.

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