Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

Business owners deserve flooring that can hold up under heavy foot traffic while simultaneously offering a beautiful, unique look and feel. Whether you operate a car dealership, a hotel, a grocery store or something completely different, decorative concrete coatings for Memphis businesses do all this and more. What advantages does decorative concrete bring and what makes this option different from conventional concrete?

What’s the Difference?

There are quite a few differences between conventional concrete surfaces and decorative concrete coatings. First, this is a coating, not a new concrete installation. For business owners, that means saving time and money. Decorative concrete coatings for Memphis businesses can be installed in a very short time, and because the coating is thin, it requires very little curing time before it can be used as a floor.

Second, conventional concrete is drab and boring. It’s gray, flat and unappealing visually. In order to create a stylish floor that ties in with a business’ culture and personality, additional flooring materials must be installed – carpet, vinyl, tile, natural stone and the like. With a decorative concrete coating, there is no need to pay more for an additional layer of flooring over the base concrete. The concrete slab material becomes the finished floor – it can be customized in virtually any way necessary to achieve the look and feel necessary for each individual business.

Customization Options

Decorative concrete coatings for Memphis businesses include a very wide range of options with which companies can create custom interiors (and exteriors) that blend perfectly with their culture, color scheme or appeal to their clientele. For instance, staining and dying provide the means to create colorful concrete floors, unique designs and patterns, and more. Stamping provides the means to create not only colorful designs, but to actually stamp patterns and textures into the concrete overlay. Stamping is capable of giving concrete the look and feel of any material, from stone to wood to tile and everything in between. Another option is a polished coating.  which can be applied to create a mirror-like finish and seals the concrete against moisture and stains.

When it comes to decorative concrete coatings for Memphis businesses, SurfaceScapes has the experience, knowhow and high quality systems necessary to create the ideal business environment. We specialize in Sundek systems, some of the best in the industry, and are capable of providing virtually any decorative solution necessary for a business or commercial enterprise in Memphis and the surrounding areas.

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world, and for many reasons. It’s strong, durable, affordable and with the right techniques and systems, it’s customizable. However, if you have existing concrete, you might think there’s really nothing you can do to change its look. That’s where you’re wrong. Concrete overlays for Memphis concrete installations, can allow you to transform even old, cracking concrete into something dramatically different. What’s possible?


If you think that concrete is limited to boring gray, think again. With the right concrete overlays, Memphis residents and business owners can have colorful flooring, decking and other concrete. At SurfaceScapes, we specialize in a range of dying and staining techniques that allow you to get the right color for your situation. We even offer epoxy coatings for industrial-strength flooring that still offers bright colors.


Concrete has traditionally been pretty boring. A flat surface was really all that could be hoped for. However, with concrete overlays, Memphis businesses and homeowners can actually transform those boring concrete floors into something else entirely. At SurfaceScapes, we can use a range of overlay systems to create the right look and feel for your needs. Need a stunning tile floor for your restaurant? We can help. Want to turn that basement into a relaxing family room with a natural stone floor? We can use stamped overlays to achieve that, too. From stone and tile to wood and brick, the sky’s really the limit when it comes to the potential patterns and shapes. We can also offer freeform shapes that ensure a completely customized floor design for whatever application you might have.

Repair Work

Old concrete is an eyesore, whether it’s an aging residential driveway or a commercial warehouse floor that’s seen better days. Concrete overlays in Memphis provide an economical means of repairing that damage while ensuring that the floor itself remains structurally sound and usable for a long time after. It’s a far better solution than ripping out the old concrete and pouring a new floor, which is cost prohibitive even for businesses.

At SurfaceScapes, we use industry-best concrete overlays for Memphis customers to ensure they get the right aesthetics, as well as the durability, price and completion time they expect. From residential homes to industrial applications and commercial settings, we can help.

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of the right decorative concrete flooring for businesses. Whether for visual impact, to tie in with a company’s branding, to evoke a particular response in customers, or to provide strength and durability, decorative concrete systems for Memphis area companies must be chosen with care. You’ll discover a wide range of solutions on the market, all of which are used to create different effects and final floorings for businesses.

High Traffic and Industrial Flooring - If you operate a business with high foot traffic, or an industrial operation where heavy vehicles are common, you need a floor coating capable of dealing with the stress and strain, while holding up for years.

Decorative concrete systems for Memphis area businesses with these types of flooring needs include epoxy flooring and polyaspartic resinous floor coatings, both of which offer high strength, customization and coloring options, and the durability you require.

Commercial Flooring Needs - Commercial floors must be able to withstand foot traffic, but also to provide the right aesthetic. A wide range of decorative concrete systems can be applied here, including those that mimic natural stone (limestone coating), or luxurious imported Italian marble to name just two. These decorative concrete coatings for Memphis area companies provide both visual appeal and strength, and can be customized to virtually any degree necessary to achieve your goals in terms of style and durability.

Choosing the Right Look and Feel - One of the most important benefits of using decorative concrete coatings is the ability to transform ordinary concrete into something more. A number of different coatings and coating systems are available, but they’re far from being created equal. Ensure that the coating system you choose for your business is able to provide the look and feel necessary to connect with your clientele, as well as your company’s personality. For instance, a hotel might do well with decorative concrete systems in Memphis that mimic luxurious tile or natural stone, while a clothing retailer might benefit from stained, dyed and stamped concrete.

The choices are virtually limitless, but working with the right company is essential. At Surface Scapes, we can provide decorative concrete systems for all Memphis businesses that provide the aesthetics, durability and longevity you require. Our expertise ensures that you not only get the right flooring system, but that it’s applied correctly and cured properly every time.

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