Double Sided Fireplace at Harrah's Hope Lodge Memphis

Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

Hey Gene...

The event went very well Wednesday night.  The group from BCBS were SO excited to see it complete.  It was a huge surprise for them.  They all walked in and were shocked to see it.  They absolutely loved it, and they had nothing but great things to say.  I truly think it was more than what they imagined.  And, they loved the fact that it’s on both walls and see through.  I personally want to thank you for getting it done in time for their event.  It really helped to make the night special. 

Also, I want to personally thank you all so much for working so professionally and non-intrusively.  You all were so respectful of our guests and their space; and, I can’t express to you enough how much that means to me.  The two guys that worked with you were so polite and so courteous, as were you.  A couple nights you all were here late, and even with our events going on those nights you all never imposed or disturbed the events.  Job well done!  I truly appreciate you and your efforts in making the Hope Lodge a bit more “cozy” for our guests. 

Thank you so very much! Amanda

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