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Are you tired of looking at cracks and uneven concrete on your garage floor? Do you want to increase your home value with some simple, aesthetically pleasing repairs? Many improvements can boost not only the looks but also the value of your home. One of the best places to begin is concrete repairs to your garage floor.

While it may seem like doing the repairs yourself could save you money, this is often a short fix — if at all. Your garage floor may have spalling, pitting, or surface cracks. The right way to fix the damage is to leave it to professionals who specialize in concrete repair in Memphis.

Types of Damage and Concrete Repair

Some of the most common concrete problems and repairs in Memphis include:

Dusting is a term that applies to powder building up on top of a slab of hardened concrete, often found on garage floors. This is often due to the large amount of traffic this area of a home will see. Several things can contribute to dusting, such as cement mix that included too much water or not enough cement used on the surface. These issues can lead to a concrete surface that is too soft because curing did not take place. Curing is a process that protects concrete from moisture and various temperature ranges.

Spalling, or scaling, is another common concrete problem in Memphis that requires repair. When it is a minor issue, it will cause cosmetic problems. On a larger scale, it can cause damage to the structure or foundation. This problem is easy to spot because of the flaky, rough surface it creates. If this problem is not addressed quickly, it can cause large pieces of concrete to separate, creating serious damage to your home or garage.

Cracking is another unsightly problem. Cracks can range from minor, hairline fractures to large, problematic fissures. Many causes can contribute to these issues. Most concrete cracks need repair for cosmetic reasons, but some can cause larger problems to your Memphis home.

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