Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

Over time, concrete patios and flooring can become damaged or just dull and unsightly. Rather than installing entirely new concrete, resurfacing in Memphis homes and businesses can prove to be a much faster and less expensive alternative. In order to ensure a successful concrete resurfacing job, however, it is imperative to ensure that the existing surface is prepared properly.

At SurfaceScapes, we understand how vital it is to do the proper Surface Preparation prior to performing any concrete resurfacing. While a quick turnaround is always important, we also want to ensure that the final result is one you will be proud of and that will last a long time. For this reason, we will typically begin with a thorough cleaning of the existing concrete surface. It is essential that all dust, dirt, and debris be removed from the surface of the concrete. In addition, we will ensure that any oil and/or grease stains are removed from the concrete surface using a special solution.

Ensuring a Solid Surface for Concrete Resurfacing in Memphis

Next, we must ensure that the surface of the concrete is allowed to dry thoroughly before we proceed with the next step in the concrete resurfacing process. In the event there are any hairline cracks present in the concrete, it will be necessary to fill those cracks. Along with filling hairline cracks, we will also remove any concrete that might be unsound, such as scaling, minor spalling, or delaminating, so that the surface is pared down to solid concrete. The next step in the process is to roughen or profile the concrete surface. This will help improve the overlay’s grip. The overlays used in concrete resurfacing are designed to adhere quite well to the existing concrete surface, but they do require a solid, clean base. The right Surface Preparation can help ensure the most successful resurfacing results and prevent failure of the overlay.

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