Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

When most people picture concrete, they imagine the boring white to gray color. While this is versatile, colored concrete can liven up your Memphis space, adding a great deal of charm and beauty to any location. There are numerous choices for colored concrete depending on the type of color you prefer and whether you want a solid color or to get creative with a mottle varied look.

Selecting Solid Colors

SurfaceScapes has numerous Sundek color choices, such as the Signature Colors known as SunColor that are water-based with an acrylic finish. This coloring works on the majority of concrete surfaces, allowing for versatility. There are also coloring solutions with acid bases, such as SunAcid. In the case of high-traffic areas, such as light warehouse areas or garage floors, SunEpoxy is a great choice, adding resistance and protecting from UV light and vehicle traffic. There are also colors – in the form of color chips that are broadcast on top of a freshly applied concrete coating that is still wet, such as SunChip Color.

Creating Patterns

The majority of colored concrete surfaces in Memphis are designed to be applied in the form of a single color throughout the area, but with the help of an experienced contractor, it may be possible to create patterns and intricate designs by combining various colors in the concrete. There are also some systems, such as SunChip Multi Color, that are designed with and offer multiple colors mixed together.

Considerations for Color Selection

When it comes time to select the concrete colors for your property, you will want to consider more than just the surrounding decor. The colors and patterns of surrounding items are important as you want to select a color for the concrete that complements it, keeping in mind any future changes to the area’s decor. If the area is likely to get dirty, you may want to select a neutral and mottled color that shows less dirt. In outdoor areas, such as along a pool deck, lighter colors make sense, as they will not heat up as much when exposed to the sun, which could make it uncomfortable to walk over them barefoot.

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