Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

Any boring patio can easily be converted into a gorgeous and inviting element of the landscape with the right stamped concrete in Memphis. Stamped concrete is easy for the professionals at Surface Scapes to apply and is available in a wide range of options. It more or less involves pouring the concrete over the designated area and applying the stamp to create a pattern as the concrete dries. This seemingly simple process can produce numerous beautiful textures and designs depending on your preferences.

Your Pattern Choice

One of the best things about stamped concrete is the number of options available. Stamped overlays are the perfect opportunity to create a Memphis patio that appears to be made from limestone, granite, flagstone, or any other natural rock you would like due to the patterns stamped into the surface. You can even have your contractor customize a unique stamp for your deck, but doing so will cost a bit more. It can be worth it, however, if you want a unique design that will make your patio stand out from the crowd. SunStamp from Sundek is the perfect example of a versatile stampable concrete overlay that you can customize with your ideal design.

Quick and Affordable

Opting for stamped concrete will give you a patio with an elegant appearance in a quick and affordable manner. Adding the stamping on a concrete overlay prevents the need to rip up the entire existing concrete and pour new concrete in its place. Instead of the stamped concrete taking weeks to complete, an overlay will only take a few days. The shorter amount of time also minimizes labor costs. When you factor in the lower quantities of concrete and other materials needed, you end up saving a great deal of money, even if you select a customized stamp.

Improved Resistance Preserves Beauty

Stamped concrete is a unique material in that it remains as beautiful as it is at installation. Some materials, such as wood, will age over time, becoming worn and fading unless you regularly stain them. Concrete, however, is highly durable and able to resist the elements. This means that your gorgeous Memphis stamped concrete will take years to begin to show wear and tear. In the meantime, you will have an aesthetically appealing patio with a beautiful pattern to enjoy. To help your surface last even longer, ask your contractor about which sealants can help extend its lifespan by protecting it from the weather.

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