Vertical Concrete

Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

When you think of decorative concrete, you probably picture standard applications, like flooring, outdoor patios, and pool decks. The beauty of concrete, however, is that it is so versatile – it can even be installed vertically to create three-dimensional concrete surfaces. If you are thinking about using vertical concrete, take a moment to learn a little bit more about the application and about the potential for customization options reviewed below.

You are probably familiar with the more traditional uses of decorative, but did you know that decorative concrete can also be used to create things like interior walls, fireplaces, and more? Just as you can create a custom look for flooring using decorative concrete, so can you use it to create a custom look for interior or exterior walls – it all depends on the products you choose.

The concrete used for vertical applications is a little different from that used for horizontal applications. For one thing, it is very lightweight and designed not to sag or drip. This material can generally be spread directly on top of any existing surface, such as plaster, drywall, wood, cement board, and even insulating concrete forms. Vertical concrete is designed to be applied in either a thick or thin layer without sagging, giving you the ability to shape it and texture it as you please. You can use vertical concrete to mimic the appearance of premium materials, like stone, wood, brick, and rock. 

One of the latest trends is hand-carved vertical overlays. Similar to hand-troweled horizontal decorative concrete applications, hand-carved vertical concrete overlays can be used to create a custom, one-of-a-kind appearance. This kind of application is much more customizable than things like stick-on rock, brick, or real stone. Vertical concrete can also be customized using stamps and texturing skins, just like horizontal concrete. Just keep in mind that applying concrete on walls correctly requires a certain depth of experience – it is something best left to the experts.

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