Why Concrete Toppings Work Great for Renovations

Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

Slab ready for a concrete topping


Over time, concrete surfaces experience damage or become discolored. Instead of having everything completely ripped out, you should consider concrete toppings. For renovations in your home or business, this excellent solution will bring new life into otherwise drab concrete.

Whether a patio, driveway, walkway, pool deck, courtyard, or floor, concrete toppings will completely transform the surface. One of the key benefits of having a professional contractor apply a topping is that it saves a tremendous amount of time. To rip out concrete requires a great deal of time, as well as manpower. With concrete toppings, the work is completed more quickly without compromising on the quality of the finished project.

There are also times when concrete surface preparation is simply impractical due to extensive damage, excessive pitting, or inconsistent repair products. Once restoration of the concrete surface has reached the point of no longer being viable, concrete toppings are ideal. The right topping can correct the problem. One example is SunSplash from Sundek, which is an acrylic spray texture coating applied to existing concrete.

Another reason that concrete toppings are perfect for renovations is that you have the opportunity to get creative. Rather than a clear coating that leaves the gray color of the concrete intact, you can choose something with color, texture, or both. For instance, your contractor can apply SunStone, which is an architectural limestone coating that looks like the real deal, or SunStamp, which provides customized elegance while making a lasting impression.

Some additional benefits of using concrete toppings for renovations include an increased surface thickness, the new surface hides unsightly flaws, the surface is level and flat, and the surface is safer to walk on. With everything combined, it is clearly evident that concrete toppings are the best way to go for renovations.

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