Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

When it comes to making concrete patios in Memphis look their best, you cannot do better than specialized outdoor concrete paint from SurfaceScapes. Not only do our professionals offer top-quality service and application, but your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Outdoor Concrete Paint for Patios

No matter what look you are trying to achieve, your best bet is to go with an outdoor concrete paint. Memphis is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors, and there is no better way to enjoy it than on your very own outdoor patio. If your patio could use a little love, depending on the condition and current state the patio is in, you may not need to completely tear it out or even resurface it – all you may need is a fresh coat of specialized concrete ‘paint’.

When it comes to outdoor concrete surfaces, you cannot use traditional paint. Regular paint cannot stand up to the kind of weather Memphis tends to get in the summer and regular paint is not formulated to adhere the same way as concrete coloration systems are formulated to adhere. What you need is a specialized outdoor concrete coloration system that will not only protect your patio surfaces, but also make them look like new. Outdoor concrete coloration is available in a variety of colors and finishes so you can achieve a custom look that matches your landscaping and suits your individual style and home. Your choices are not limited to plain black or white – you can add any shade or hue to ensure a beautiful and upgraded appearance for your Memphis patio.

Painting Your Outdoor Patio Is Simple

A simple coat of specialized outdoor concrete color is all you need to make your Memphis patio look its best. At SurfaceScapes, our talented and experienced professionals are eager to answer your questions and to help you find the system that is right for you. We will even do all the work ourselves – all you have to do is enjoy your new patio! Give us a call, and in no time at all, you will be enjoying a beautifully colored patio that looks like new.

Instead of having your worn, tired concrete removed and installing new flooring in its place, concrete toppings in Memphis can be the perfect solution, giving you a surface that looks new at a fraction of the cost.

Understanding Concrete Toppings

Concrete toppings, such as the coatings manufactured by Sundek, are essentially thin layers of cement that are added on top of the existing flooring. While they are most commonly used with concrete floors, it is also possible for a professional, such as the team at Surface Scapes, to apply micro-toppings to wood substrates, like tables and fireplaces.

Affordable Alternative to Replacement

Choosing to have concrete toppings installed in the Tennessee, Arkansas, or Mississippi area is a financially savvy idea for your business. Completely replacing flooring can take a great deal of time and involve a significant investment, but we can offer several systems as alternatives. We can add concrete coloration, overlays or resurfacing in addition to epoxy coatings, and industrial polyaspartics. Our experts at Surface Scapes can also use sealers and crack repair to enhance your flooring.

Our system of concrete toppings can be used to even out the flooring and add more character to a space because both pigments and stains are easily added. This brings texture to a surface without replacing the entire concrete flooring.

Personalizing Toppings

In addition to giving your Memphis business the appearance of new concrete for a fraction of the cost, concrete toppings allow you to personalize the space. Whether it is the floor, entryway, or warehouse of your business, there are numerous options to stain the concrete and limitless pigment combinations. The topping can be textured based on the application method or through use of stencils. The resulting floor can be as unique or mainstream as your company wants, allowing complete customization and durable flooring that lasts.

Over time, concrete patios and flooring can become damaged or just dull and unsightly. Rather than installing entirely new concrete, resurfacing in Memphis homes and businesses can prove to be a much faster and less expensive alternative. In order to ensure a successful concrete resurfacing job, however, it is imperative to ensure that the existing surface is prepared properly.

At SurfaceScapes, we understand how vital it is to do the proper Surface Preparation prior to performing any concrete resurfacing. While a quick turnaround is always important, we also want to ensure that the final result is one you will be proud of and that will last a long time. For this reason, we will typically begin with a thorough cleaning of the existing concrete surface. It is essential that all dust, dirt, and debris be removed from the surface of the concrete. In addition, we will ensure that any oil and/or grease stains are removed from the concrete surface using a special solution.

Ensuring a Solid Surface for Concrete Resurfacing in Memphis

Next, we must ensure that the surface of the concrete is allowed to dry thoroughly before we proceed with the next step in the concrete resurfacing process. In the event there are any hairline cracks present in the concrete, it will be necessary to fill those cracks. Along with filling hairline cracks, we will also remove any concrete that might be unsound, such as scaling, minor spalling, or delaminating, so that the surface is pared down to solid concrete. The next step in the process is to roughen or profile the concrete surface. This will help improve the overlay’s grip. The overlays used in concrete resurfacing are designed to adhere quite well to the existing concrete surface, but they do require a solid, clean base. The right Surface Preparation can help ensure the most successful resurfacing results and prevent failure of the overlay.

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