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Are you tired of looking at cracks and uneven concrete on your garage floor? Do you want to increase your home value with some simple, aesthetically pleasing repairs? Many improvements can boost not only the looks but also the value of your home. One of the best places to begin is concrete repairs to your garage floor.

While it may seem like doing the repairs yourself could save you money, this is often a short fix — if at all. Your garage floor may have spalling, pitting, or surface cracks. The right way to fix the damage is to leave it to professionals who specialize in concrete repair in Memphis.

Types of Damage and Concrete Repair

Some of the most common concrete problems and repairs in Memphis include:

Dusting is a term that applies to powder building up on top of a slab of hardened concrete, often found on garage floors. This is often due to the large amount of traffic this area of a home will see. Several things can contribute to dusting, such as cement mix that included too much water or not enough cement used on the surface. These issues can lead to a concrete surface that is too soft because curing did not take place. Curing is a process that protects concrete from moisture and various temperature ranges.

Spalling, or scaling, is another common concrete problem in Memphis that requires repair. When it is a minor issue, it will cause cosmetic problems. On a larger scale, it can cause damage to the structure or foundation. This problem is easy to spot because of the flaky, rough surface it creates. If this problem is not addressed quickly, it can cause large pieces of concrete to separate, creating serious damage to your home or garage.

Cracking is another unsightly problem. Cracks can range from minor, hairline fractures to large, problematic fissures. Many causes can contribute to these issues. Most concrete cracks need repair for cosmetic reasons, but some can cause larger problems to your Memphis home.

Has the concrete in your drive, patio, or even home seen better days? Is it damaged or simply just grey and boring? While driveways might seem like a mundane subject, when you are getting ready to sell your home, a new driveway can play a significant role in boosting the value of your home. By adding curb appeal, decorative concrete resurfacing in Memphis can be a great way to make your home more striking and even help it stand out from other homes for sale in your neighborhood. It can also help to actually increase the sales price of your home.

What was once a drab, grey slab of concrete can now be improved using a variety of options for concrete resurfacing in Memphis, including stamped overlay, limestone coating, spray texture, microtopping, or a hand troweled texture.

Concrete resurfacing is a process that is used to transform the look of existing concrete, eliminating the need to remove the current concrete and pour new concrete, which can be expensive and time consuming. Given the number of treatments and technologies available for concrete resurfacing in Memphis, it is possible to change your home’s appearance completely. Depending on the look that you wish to achieve, different methods can even be combined to optimize your preexisting concrete.

Techniques for Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in Memphis

The most popular options for concrete resurfacing include:

Stamped Overlay: This concrete resurfacing application involves pouring a thin layer over the existing concrete, and then applying rubber stamp molds to create distinctive designs and patterns.

Limestone Coating: Featuring a distinctive blend of cement material and hardened limestone, this concrete resurfacing option can transform your concrete into the appearance of authentic quarried stone for a fraction of the price.

Microtopping: Approximately the thickness of a credit card, microtopping is specially engineered to be able to adhere to old concrete and can be used in decorative applications. Opt to leave it uncolored, choose from a variety of color options, or select a troweled, brushed, or textured finish.

Hand Troweled Texture: Applied over existing concrete, this technique can be used to make your concrete stronger while covering up existing cracks and even duplicating the look of granite, slate, or natural stone.

Spray Texture: With this technique, you can benefit from a surface strength that is twice as strong as regular concrete and offers the benefits of mildew and stain resistance along with low maintenance and a non-skid surface, great for driveways as well as pool decks..

Over the years, any home can begin to appear a bit dated. In some cases, you may simply be tired of the current look of your home and want to freshen things up a bit. Rather than going to the trouble of installing all-new flooring, why not consider boosting the look and value of your Memphis property with a stamped concrete overlay?

Stamped concrete overlays provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the appearance of an expensive look without coping with the disadvantages of, low durability, and high maintenance that are so common with other materials.

What Exactly Is a Stamped Concrete Overlay?

A stamped concrete overlay is comprised of a hybrid polymer concrete layer that is applied over an existing concrete surface. After the new layer of concrete is poured, your desired textures and patterns are then stamped directly onto the surface of the concrete. This method can be utilized to add a special finishing touch to a new concrete surface or to update the look of your older concrete flooring or surface.

One of the great advantages of a stamped concrete overlay is that it can be created to imitate the look of a variety of other materials, including brick, stone, and wood. Additionally, it is possible to add color during the process to create an even more distinctive and customized look. Stamped concrete overlays are appropriate for a wide variety of surfaces and areas, including flooring, driveways, sidewalks, and patios for both commercial and residential properties. When the project is complete, you are able to benefit from enhanced durability, increased beauty, and a lower price compared to installing a new surface with more expensive materials. When finished, stamped concrete only requires light maintenance, such as regular sweeping and an occasional washing. Adding a clear sealer can create a hint of shine, while the addition of a polyethylene texture can create slip resistance for increased safety.

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