Taking Concrete Surfaces To A Whole New Level

SurfaceScapes is a full service decorative concrete repair and coating company.  Our services spread the gamut and include all types of interior flooring solutions.  We not only add color to existing concrete floors but we can repair and then re coat dated or ugly concrete floors.

From residential slab on grade decorative finishes to large commercial and public floor spaces we can ensure you get the quality of floor you need at a price that makes sense.

Ask us about our stained concrete floors and our water based solutions for a more eco friendly solution.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression,  that’s true with commercial drives, including for those businesses in and around Memphis. What’s more, a large portion of business owners don’t realize that the first impression a customer takes away isn’t necessarily made when they walk through the front doors. It happens when they turn up the drive, off the road. There are several components here, including the building’s façade, the condition of the grounds, and the drive itself. SurfaceScapes the authorized dealer of Sundek in Memphis ensure that businesses have the high quality drive necessary to create the ideal first impression.

More Than Utilitarian - How much thought does your business put into its driveway? Chances are good that it’s not much. Is it cracked and faded, chipped and discolored? Weather, foot traffic, vehicle traffic and other factors can cause your drive’s surface to deteriorate in a surprisingly short period of time, but Sundek of Memphis provides the means to rehabilitate your drive, creating the optimum environment for a positive first impression.

Of course, it’s about more than creating merely a utilitarian drive that lets your customers get from the road to your company’s front door. Like every other aspect of your company’s grounds, your drive needs to evoke your business’s culture and personality. Do you run an authentic Italian restaurant? A cobblestone drive, or one made of natural stone would be ideal. Do you run a children’s furniture store? A colorful drive with fun, whimsical patterns would do the trick.

Stamping, Staining and More - Products and systems from Sundek of Memphis provide businesses with the means to create a stunning drive, even if the old driveway is cracked, chipped and stained. At SurfaceScapes, we specialize in decorative concrete overlays for both indoor and outdoor use. Our Sundek systems are created specifically to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, while looking great for years to come. We also specialize in providing a range of customization options. Need that cobblestone drive we mentioned earlier? We can do that. We can also crate driveways that look like natural flagstone, limestone, tile, brick and more. Want to evoke a fun, playful mood? We can offer stamping, staining and dying to create the ideal look and feel for your business.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and Sundek products of Memphis from SurfaceScapes ensure that you never need one.

Adding a rock, stone or brick texture to your existing concrete  is possible with stamped decorative concrete overlays.  These thin topping systems can be found on patios, driveways, pool decks, and restaurant patios across Memphis TN and all across the country.  The beauty of a stamped overlay is that it can be installed on your old damaged and cracked concrete to give it new life, without the need to jack hammer it up and re-pour an entire new slab.

From herringbone brick to flagstone and slate textures you can really make an impact on your home or businesses’ decor with stamped concrete overlays.

Choose from almost and unlimited array of patterns, textures and color options to create your own personal style and look.

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